Inter Miami Stars 1st Training Camp

The Inter Miami Football Club confirmed that they’d begun their first training camp as of January 20th, 2020. This follows after six years of developmental planning from David Beckham and Inter Miami executives. It was a challenging process that saw numerous delays for the formidable athlete. Even without a home-based stadium in Miami, the MLS Expansion Club has begun training at Barry University.

David Beckham didn’t attend the first training camp event at Barry University. He isn’t slated to provide mentorship to his athletes for another four weeks, with the Head Coach taking the core responsibilities. Beckham’s presence as a team owner will be minimal unless MLS championship victory is required for David. It’s anticipated that within the next four weeks, six new players will be signed to Inter Miami. Diego Alonso, the Head Coach for Inter Miami, was seen instructing his players in a professional and aggressive tone.

The coaching staff for Inter Miami began their training camp at 2 am, eight hours before any of their athletes would awake from sleeping. Construction of strategies and training tactics were still required. Furthermore, the coaching staff still had player acquisition deals to finish and work on the development of the Inter Miami stadium. Anxiousness amongst the coaching staff is an understatement. The training camp follows after the Inter Miami players and coaches met on January 18th for a team dinner. Everybody got to meet one another and discuss the upcoming 2020 MLS season.

The Stadiums Development

David Beckham has spent the last several years locating a home-based site for an Inter Miami Stadium. Searches began on June 1st, 2013 and toke more than 2400 days to reach an agreement with Fort Lauderdale. Inter Miami is building a state-of-the-art facility in the Fort Lauderdale region, replacing the Lockhart Stadium. This is where one of the 1st MLS team players, the Miami Fusion. However, after three seasons they were forced to shut down with low attendance.

David Beckham doesn’t plan to allow history to repeat itself, with the creation of an entertainment complex surrounding the football club’s stadium. This will enable the Miami Inter stadium to host multiple events. The 1st instance of this stadium being access by the public will be March 1st, 2020. The Inter Miami Football Club will compete the LAFC. It won’t be long after that when they compete against the LA Galaxy, the former owners of David Beckham. Defeating this organization would be a significant accomplishment for the British footballer.