Golden State Warriors First to 5 Consecutive Finals Since 1966 Celtics

The Golden State Warriors have managed to earn five consecutive trips to the NBA Finals following their victory of 119-117 against the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 4 during overtime on Monday evening in the Western Conference finals. This is the first time an NBA team has managed to make five consecutive appearances in the NBA Finals since the Boston Celtics went a total of 10 straight times from 1957 through to 1966.

Golden State Warriors Make It To Another NBA Final

Draymond Green, a Golden State Warriors forward, recently informed reporters that it’s extraordinary to make it to yet another NBA Final. He also stated that the road to the NBA Finals has been challenging and that the team had loads of mountains to climb to get here. He is quite surprised that the team managed to stick together and achieve the unthinkable. However, the primary objective was never to make it to 5 NBA Finals, the goal was to win, and therefore, the team’s job is far from over.

The Golden State Warriors made it happen on Monday evening by returning from a double-digit second-half deficit for the third consecutive match, this time crawling back from a 17-point difference. Steve Kerr stated that he hopes the performance by his team doesn’t go underrated or unnoticed. Achieving five straight Finals has only been done during the ’60s by the Celtics, and the only reason it hasn’t been done since is that it’s challenging.

Stephen Curry Leads His Team to Victory

Once again, it was the phenomenal Stephen Curry who managed to lead the Golden State Warriors on Monday evening. The two-time MVP ended the game with a triple-double and accumulated 37 points, ten assists, and 12 rebounds. This was the 5th consecutive postseason match where Curry managed to score at least 30 points and is considered the longest streak in his entire career.
Stephen Curry is regarded as the 6th player in the history of the NBA to score 35 points or more in each of the first four matches of a series. He joins Jerry West, Bernard King, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James.

Stephen Curry informed reporters after the match that he believes that although the team has been here several times, they still don’t take anything for granted. The team is well aware of how difficult it can be to win at this level and have no desire to end the streak just yet, especially not while they have full control over it.
Even though the team was up by 3-0, where most organizations would have relaxed more and waited for Game 5 to come around at home, the Golden State Warriors didn’t stop performing once and continued to play their hearts out until the final whistle went off. It’s incredible what the Golden State Warriors have achieved this week, and there’s no doubt that they will win another NBA championship for the 5th time.