Dustin Poirier on Prolonged Layoff

Fanatics behind the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship were surprised to hear from a notable legend after a prolonged period away from the spotlight. Dustin Poirier engaged with fans through social media, taking questions and providing respective answers. These answers revealed that Dustin had learned an extensive amount of MMA knowledge during his time away, with the former champion indicating that he won’t compete against Nate Diaz.

Dustin Poirier hasn’t appeared in the UFC Octagon since September 2019 at UFC 242. This matchup was against Khabib Nurmagomedov, where the former champion ultimately was defeated by the Russian. Some speculated that this loss would mark the end of Poirier’s career, which notably wasn’t right after Dana White revealed he’d battle Dan Hooker at UFC San Diego. Dustin Poirier ultimately couldn’t compete at this venue, which was cancelled amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike other fights that were cancelled because of COVID-19, Dustin’s matchup hasn’t been rescheduled. It’s now speculated he’ll compete against another opponent when the opportunity is right.

The Social Media Q&A

Twitter has become the highlight point of interaction with fans for Dustin Poirier. Weekly he’ll hold Question & Answering sessions through the platform, allowing fans and reporters to learn new details about the prized fighter. One fanatic would inevitably question Poirier on the existence of another Nate Diaz fight, which Dustin promptly replied wasn’t possible. The two men were supposed to engage in combat at UFC 230, which ultimately didn’t happen because of personal issues revolving around Nate Diaz.

This cancellation in November 2018 prompted UFC organizers to create another fight between the two men, which ultimately never occurred. It’s believed the two men couldn’t assess the financial terms being offered by the UFC, with Nate demanding Poirier lose a percentage of his payment and forfeit it towards the Diaz Camp. No fighter would ever agree to such outlandish terms, prompting the matchup to be impossible. It should be mentioned Nate Diaz retired after being knocked out by Jorge Masvidal during UFC 244. The chances of him returning are conditional on a substantial contract to fight Conor McGregor, with the UFC most likely unwilling to pay Diaz the millions associated with fighting the Irishman.