Arizona and Vegas Competing for UFCs Next Venue

The President of the Ultimate Fighting Competition, Dana White, has confirmed that their next venue will be held in either Las Vegas or Arizona. Plans to return fight promotions to Las Vegas have been prevalent since the COVID-19 Pandemic forced the UFC into submission. There’s a substantial chance that Dana White won’t achieve his desire of returning to Las Vegas yet, with the Nevada Gaming Commission and State Government has not lifted restrictions on entertainment venues. This will prompt the UFC to return to Arizona, the nearby brother to Nevada. They’ve already confirmed that Dana White’s fighting competition is permitted.

This follows after Donald Trump allowed State Governments to lift their respective social distancing measures, enabling economies across the country to resume operations. There are notable concerns regarding this decision amid American civilians and fighters in the UFC. Both groups are worried that by restarting State economies, the rate of infections will skyrocket and prompt an increased percentage of that respective individual contracting the virus.

Every time Dana White has been questioned on his protection measures for fighters, anger towards these reporters has continuously grown more violent. Tyrants from Dana White have concerned competitors in the UFC, with those individuals refusing to compete. The UFC President’s response was releasing that fighter from their contract. There haven’t been any punishments against Dana White for his ignorant behaviour & unsafe conditions for employees, which were proven amidst the last three UFC events.

No Punishments for Dana White

There were on-site personnel wearing protective face equipment and others that weren’t. Individual staff sanitized their hands regularly, while others were seen refusing the opportunity. This revealed that the sanitation measures enforced under social distancing protocols aren’t being followed. There won’t be any federal punishments ensued onto Dana White for breaking these protocols, which complies with his close friendship to Donald Trump.

Countless sports institutions across America have received an influx of fines for trying to restart operations, while Dana White has received continuous congratulations from Dana White. For someone who claims to be a man of the people, Dana White has continuously shown a high degree of ignorance in 2019 and 2020.